Saturday, August 4, 2018

Our Favorite Disney Trip

Let me start with a little truth for you....both of our favorite Disneyworld trips revolve around Christmas.  If you've ever been to Disneyworld when it was decorated for Christmas you'd understand why.  The lights, trees, decorations, gingerbread smells, and characters dressed in old fashioned Christmas outfits.... SOOOOO much fun!
{Joelle & Israel's jeans are from Gap Kids as well as Israel's shirt/Joelle's shirt HERE}

We have come up with our favorite two Disneyworld trips so far.  Before I jump into that, let me tell you that the best time we've found to travel for the Christmas season is the weekend before Thanksgiving break.  I know there are better times to travel in December, but with school we can't make that work.  The weekend before Thanksgiving has been a ton of fun for us so far, and the crowds haven't been too bad.
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1.  A few years ago we took our two nieces to Disneyworld before Israel came home, and before their twin brother and sister were born.  If we all went now there would be 8 of us, so let's just say that's probably not happening any time soon.  I'm so glad we were able to take the girls with Joelle though!  This was before they stopped showcasing the Osborne Family Christmas Light Spectacular, so we got to see an insane amount of lights lighting up the night at Hollywood Studios!

This was also when we stayed at the Polynesian Resort so we were central to everything because of the monorail.  We'd sit out on the patio at night and watch fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  Amy would play Tinkerbell for the kids each night with gifts while they slept, and it was our first Disneyworld Christmas trip.  Disney does Christmas right...I promise!  What am I saying?  Disney does everything right!
I feel bad posting too much about that trip because Israel wasn't home yet and it sounds really mean to say, hey bud, one of our favorite trips was before we ever met you!  It was such a great trip though!  The Polynesian really is something special, and getting to experience Disney with our nieces for their first time was so much fun.  It really doesn't matter who you are or what your age is; if you walk into Disneyworld with children and see it through their eyes, it's SPECIAL.
Plus, we dressed up the girls in matching outfits  That was SOOOO much fun!  These are from 4 years ago, so there isn't anything for me to link... so sorry!

2.  This past year we also traveled to Disney for Christmas, the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Luke was playing football for Tulsa in their game at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL stadium so we had to make the trip.  We loaded up the kids and left a few days before Thanksgiving break.  The game ended with Luke and a really bad concussion, which was pretty scary for all of us.  Once we knew he was ok we headed back to Disney to finish up our trip, and HAD A BLAST!

This was our first trip to the new World of Pandora where the Avatar rides are.  We had magic hours our last morning at Animal Kingdom so we were able to ride both rides, Na'avi River and Flight of Passage.  The World of Avatar is absolutely amazing, and both of the rides are incredible, though I have to admit I could ride Flight of Passage all day and not get tired of it.

One new experience we tried was Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  It costs extra money, but Magic Kingdom shuts down early on that night and only people with a special ticket are allowed to stay.  They have special character meet and greets, hot chocolate and cookies they pass out for "free", special shows and parades, and the lines are almost non-existent for a few hours on that night!  We had so much fun, and felt like we had the park to ourselves.  There were plenty of people around, but with a limited number of tickets sold, the park is less than crowded for sure!

There are characters that only come out during special times like this.  We went to visit talking Mickey hoping he'd be in his Christmas outfit and he didn't disappoint.  He actually sand us a special song to video for our nieces and nephew at home.  Confession:  he left the song kind of, shall we say, vague.  We sent it to a lot of people and pretended it was just for them.  However, if you received that video, it really was just for you, don't worry!
Christmas at Disney is so much fun!  The resorts are decorated.  It snows on Main Street.  Everyone seems to jack up the happiness a notch.  We love it!  We can't wait to go back.  But for this year, we're traveling on a Disney Merrytime Christmas Cruise to try something new.  We can't wait to tell you all about it!

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